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During the current Covid-19 pandemic, Malton and Norton Lions have been fundraising to help Ryedale Foodbank keep the population of Ryedale from going hungry. Many people who have never before needed to use a foodbank suddenly found themselves with little or no income. The demand for their services has never been greater.

As our usual fundraising events have been cancelled, the Lions used our online fundraising platform to ask local people to help if they could. The response has been astounding. Thanks to the generosity of the Ryedale population, we are delighted to have been able to donate a total of £6,850 to date to the charity. There have been some spectacularly generous donations, which really demonstrates the compassion of people in our area.

President Di Keal and Treasure Russ Grimshaw with Malcolm Dyer from Ryedale Foodbank

On 15th July, our new President, Di Keal and Treasurer Russ Grimshaw handed over a further cheque to Rev Malcolm Dyer who is the interim Foodbank Manager, and Elim Church Minister. Throughout the pandemic, Malton and Norton Lions have regularly passed cheques over to the organisation. The appeal is still open and you can donate by using the following link:

Text / SMS donations can be made as follows:

To donate £1, text VPNA03 to 70201
To donate £3, text VPNA03 to 70331
To donate £5, text VPNA03 to 70970
To donate £10, text VPNA03 to 70191

Our annual Summer Lunch raises several thousand pounds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, which is usually achieved through ticket and drink sales. This year’s event is planned for Sunday 19th July 2020. However, current social distancing regulations mean that we are unlikely to be able to hold the event in its traditional, sit down format. Rather than the Air Ambulance miss out on this vital funding we are holding a “Virtual Lunch”.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance relies on charitable donations to keep offering its life-saving service. Event cancellations have led to a massive drop in income. We hope you will join us in supporting their valuable work.

We invite you to make a donation using our online platform, or by cheque, and on Sunday 19th at 1pm for you to sit down to a summer lunch in your own home. You might also like to invite small groups of friends to meet virtually and raise a toast at this time, using applications such as Zoom.

Raffle Prize Winner Margaret in 2019

If you would like an invite to circulate to your friends then please download the one below:

We’d love to know if you can join us so don’t forget to email so that we can add you to our list of attendees. Alternatively, please post a cheque to Malton, Norton and District Lions Club, c/o ‘The Cobblers’, Town Green Lane, Settrington, Malton, YO17 8NR

Empty shelves at Ryedale Foodbank last week

We’re asking for your support to help people affected by Covid-19. Ryedale Food Bank are one of the organisations we’d like to help as they usually rely on food donations to distribute to their users. As these have fallen considerably, we are asking for you to donate money so they can buy any additional food they may need. You can do this in two ways:

You can DONATE online at
Or by text.
To donate £1, text VPNA03 to 70201
To donate £3, text VPNA03 to 70331
To donate £5, text VPNA03 to 70970
To donate £10, text VPNA03 to 70191

We will also continue to support individuals who need help during this time, so the more we raise, the more people we can help. We recognise that this is a challenging time for many, but every pound will help those who need it most. Please give what you can.

Every year the Lions book a carriage on the North Yorkshire Moors railway to take children and their parents and carers from Ryedale Special Families on a day out. Sunday 6th October was the date in the calendar – we didn’t have the best weather but all on board enjoyed their return trip to Whitby from Pickering.

Leo, our resident Lion mascot joined us, to the delight of many children who enjoyed high-fiving, hugging, and even a little friendly tail-pulling!

A picnic lunch served by our volunteers was followed by a sing a long with Ken, who once again played guitar and led us in some well know songs including “The Runaway Train”.


On the return, the children (and adults) enjoyed an ice cream, plus flag making and colouring. This day out isn’t just enjoyable for the families, those who help also find it very rewarding.


Malton seniors in the party spirit

A big thanks to our sponsors (full list below) from Lion Yvonne who organised the party

The Lions entertained over 100 senior citizens and people with mobility issues alongside some of their carers at the annual Malton party which took place at the Rugby Club on Friday 8th February. The event which has a history stretching back over 40 years has been hosted by Lions for the last three years.

The Raffle Prizes – one for everyone who attended

The guests were collected by Lions and Malton Rotary Club arriving from 3:30pm when they were greeted with a drink – carefully selected by Lions Steve, Yvonne and Mike!

Everyone was then served with a three course meal prepared by Janet and team, after which there was a game of bingo and the raffle was drawn (ably called by Eamonn) and everyone won a prize! With Lions and helpers strategically placed around the room, prizes reached their owners rapidly, even if one or two of our more mature helpers seemed a bit out of breath at the end!

Raffle prize distribution in progress!

After a brief vote of thanks from Malton Mayor Councillor Paul Andrews and a response from Lion President Steve Sidaway the rest of the evening was taken up with live music from Mike and his mechanic (!) which got some of our guests on to the dance floor and many more tapping their feet in time with the music.

Many thanks to Lion Yvonne who organised the party between trips to Leeds, Lincoln, Newcastle and London as a Train Manager with London North Eastern Railway!

A very big thank you to our sponsors:

Malton Town Council

Malton Rotary Club

Simpson Trust

A & J Stead Ltd

Speedy Pepper

GE Smith Ltd

Pearsons and Ward

Tate Smiths

Topiary Tree

Malton Library


No.46 Café



and Kemps

Santa’s Coming To Town in 2019

Very soon Santa will start his 17 evening journeys in and around Malton and Norton and you can check when he’ll be visiting you in the route lists below.

Routes that take place during the week start at around 5pm and finish by 9pm whilst weekend routes start at about 4pm. It isn’t possible to give accurate times when Santa will arrive at a particular place but if you use #MaltonLionsSanta on Facebook hopefully you’ll have an idea of where he is each night. Failing that keep an ear open for the distant sound of Christmas Music!!

Malton and Nortoon Lions Sleigh 2019 round programme

Malton and Nortoon Lions Sleigh 2019 round programme

With Ryedale Special Families Steaming To Whitby

Each year Malton, Norton and District Lions Club take a group of people from Ryedale Special Families on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway from Pickering to Whitby and back.

This year the event was arranged by Lions Pauline and Jim Lowry with help from President Lion Steve Sidaway and Lion Nick Simpson. Ken Sanderson deserves a big thank-you for entertaining the children – and parents!

Your time was really appreciated as can be seen from the brief video.


Thank you to Lion Yvonne Daykin for arranging the activity packs, they helped entertain the children and a special thank you really needs to go to Rachel for stepping in (literally) to be Leon! She was grrreat! – (Sorry, 1980s advert reference there).

On the return trip Lion Jim captured this photo of our train approaching Levisham – the gap in the trees giving the signalman at Levisham a line of sight to the signal to know when the train has arrived.

Always a highlight of the Lions year and this year was no exception!

If you’d like to know more about becoming a Lion please email us at

Horse Racing Night raises funds for RSF

Malton, Norton & District Lions Club ran its inaugural Horse Racing Night at Malton School on the evening of Friday 31st August, with all proceeds going to Ryedale Special Families (RSF).

The horses beautifully painted by Sue Maud and winding stations courtesy of Norton Joinery were worked hard by the jockeys over nine races including a ladies race! Pies and peas were on hand after the third race and a great time was had by all.

Lisa Keenan who leads at RSF spoke to the race goers and explained she was confident the Lions event would raise enough money to get them past their target of £100,000 for a deposit to buy their own premises.

Lions President Steve and Vice President Jack were Clerks of the Course, Nick Simpson was MC for the evening and Clan Lindenberg were in charge of the starting stalls!

If you’d like to use the equipment for your own race evening – message us on FB.



Summer Lunch contributes to £3,000 Yorkshire Air Ambulance Donation

Sunday 22nd July was the Lions Summer Lunch at Settrington when over 100 Lions and guests enjoyed a wonderful Hog Roast prepared by Fryton Catering. The weather contributed to a very successful fund-raiser for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance at the start of President Steve’s year.

President Steve and Anne encountered some interesting wildlife in the garden of John and Sue Harrison who hosted the lunch! The raffle was very well supported and Steve had a few words of thanks for all who attended.

When all costs are taken into account the event raised just short of £2,000 and this was made up to a £3,000 donation from our club funds.

Thank you to John and Sue Harrison for hosting the event, to all those who helped set up and take down the marquees and to everyone who attended and supported us.

Lions bite off more than they can chew? NEVER!

Okay – so perhaps the task was a little larger than we thought (and the river in the background a little higher)!

When Fiona Croft approached Malton Lions for help removing a pile of wood which had been a boardwalk, we weren’t quite sure what we were letting ourselves in for.

The boardwalk in Lady Spring Wood, ran by the River Derwent between Norton & Malton and Old Malton. It was unsafe, unlikely to survive another winter as it was in disrepair, and had to be removed. A small bridge over The Cut nearby has been removed for the same reason and together these limited the routes that can be taken by walkers.

Using a tractor towed wood trailer and crane plus “Lion-Power” to move the smaller pieces of wood the first trailer load is three quarters full. l to r Lions Russ Grimshaw, Steve Sidaway, Mark Harrison, Jack Wilford and Nick Simpson.

Lion Mark Harrison joined Fiona on site to assess the problem and decided that through his business – Ryetec – he had the equipment required to do the job in the exceptionally boggy conditions alongside the River Derwent which was very high after the recent rain. All that was needed was a group of “willing” volunteers from within the Club.

In Fiona’s words this is what happened next.


Malton & Norton Lions Club have worked miracles for the Lady Spring Wood project today. Mark, Steve, Russ, Nick, Richard and Jack appeared at 8am with huge tractors, trailers, cranes, dumpers, and utter determination to get the enormous pile of boardwalk wood out of the water-sodden field by the wood, and to the Gannock car park opposite The Royal Oak.

The dumper waits to empty its first bucket load of sodden wood once the trailer has tipped. This location is accessible for skip trucks to dispose of the waste.

The Malton & Norton Lions Club have done what many others (amateur and professional alike) could not or would not do in the terrible conditions by the river. But no amount of trying to talk them out of this seemingly crazy plan would put them off, and true to their excellent reputation, they succeeded after 5 hours, still with smiles on their faces. They moved six 20 cubic yard trailers of rubbish across boggy terrain!

So boggy even a trusty old Land Rover Defender got stuck!!

The volunteers running the Lady Spring Wood Project, Malton & Norton Area Partnership and many, many more owe these men an enormous debt of gratitude.


Lion Nick celebrates the last load – some 5 hours after we started

The wood itself is bursting with wildlife and ancient, beautiful springs bubbling with clear spring water. Access to the woods and other local paths has provided joy for walkers for many years in this beautiful part of North Yorkshire.

Lion Russ looks on as Jack ceremoniously slings the very last piece of wood into the trailer.

Through Just Giving a crowd funding appeal went out – take a look by clicking here – to add to funds from local organisations. They needed to raise a further £6000 for a safe, accessible woodland pathway and bridge. Feedback from their recent Questionnaire revealed that 24% would no longer use the area if the boardwalk is totally removed and 98% supported installing the new bridge.

As they say in Yorkshire – “Job’s a good ‘un!” l to r Lions Steve Sidaway, Richard Lukey, Mark Harrison, Nick Simpson and Jack Wilford

The plan is to use this money to fund the replacement of the bridge across The Cut south of Malton and Norton Rugby Club, and to contribute to the management of the Lady Spring Wood boardwalks which will be removed and replaced – with boardwalk and some ground level pathways – during 2018.


Club Who’s Who 2019 – 2020

President: Lion Jack Wilford
1st Vice President: Lion Di Keal
Minute Secretary: Lion Annie Harrison
General Secretary: Lion Ian Dewhurst
Treasurer: Lion Russ Grimshaw
CIO Registered Charity No. 1180587
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